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"..theres no other epos software like Accupos software "

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Accupos the UK leader in Epos software and Hardware

AccuPOS ( software)Point of Sale Software is an Award Winning ePOS System and the preferred system of QuickBooks, Sage 50 UK & QuickBooks, Sage US & Canadian Edition and Sage 100 ERP.

Our ePOS Software will provide your business with a complete ePOS solution; saving you time and money, by merging all of your ePOS transactions with your accounting software. AccuPOS sets the industry standard in accounting software integration and drastically reduces double-data entry, giving you extra time to focus on other things to grow your business. Whether you need to equip a restaurant, bar or retail establishment, AccuPOS Point of Sale will provide you the best return on investment.

Our ePOS Software is easy to learn and gives you the control you need to run your business more efficiently, by allowing for integration with your accounting software to create a custom ePOS system. Imagine your company with improved sale speeds, inventory management control and heightened user-login security to help you take your business to the next level.

Call us today on (+44) 020 8203 9345 or free on 080 8181 9191 to get a free custom ePOS software quote today.

Ideal for both retail and restaurant establishments,

Our mobile Android ePOS Software allows you to go wherever the business is. For restaurants, it frees up your waiter staff and enables clear communication between them and your kitchen/bar staff. Customer’s orders are fast to enter, and get printed out instantly to your kitchen ticket printer, reducing your table turnover time.

Your items can be easily set up on any Android tablet or phone and is specifically designed to take orders quickly and clearly. Install a mobile ePOS free trial to your Android device, or view Android POS restaurant screenshots, Android ePOS retail screenshots or view our Android mobile ePOS demo video. Point of Sale System Add-Ons

Choose from our point of sale integrated Add-Ons

To compliment and increase productivity of both the restaurant and retail systems. For example: we will provide scales for your retail system and remote printing for your restaurant system. And they all connect using a simple USB cable. Creating a custom ePOS system to meet your businesses needs is easier than ever.

Soon we will be releasing our Integrated Credit Card Processing, in meantime you can use the existing facility from your bankers for your Cash Register Software as it is both extremely fast flexible and will be PCI Compliant.

How does one point of sale company cover so many bases you might ask?

Well the answer is in the history of this point of sale.

Someone saw a disconnect between the front end and the back end of small business and came up with a solution by working very closely with a few businesses who saw the Return On Investment (ROI) of this connection; he listened and he built and came up with retail and ePOS software that could shape itself to the needs of its owner.

Our support personnel are eager to assist you, with your AccuPOS ePOS software, with any issues that you may have, or simply to give you ideas on a new setup and recommendations on how to benefit more from your ePOS software. One Support number to call (+44)  020 8343 5899 and get assistance from an AccuPOS professional team member for your retail, restaurant and service sector business.

Call our sales team today on (+44) 020 8203 9345 or free on 080 8181 9191 to find out how AccuPOS can help you maximize profits and minimize paperwork!