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Electronic Point of Sale Software with a Punch

With AccuPOS, you’ll get an unrivalled array of features, designed to make things easier and give your business a massive boost.

Automate Your Accounting

If there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s our industry-leading accounting integration – accounting integration that allows you to put down the pen and paper, and see your accounting completed automatically. Perfect accounts will be created instantly, however more importantly to you, you’ll be able to claw back some more hours in the day, which you can use for more productive tasks. We aren’t the only ones who like to shout about our automatic accounting integration though, as both Sage and QuickBooks Marketplace have given us their highest praise, so you can be sure you’re getting the very best with AccuPOS.

Timesheets Made Easy

The days of chasing your staff members for their timesheets will soon be gone, thanks to AccuSHIFT, the superb optional adD-on to our EPOS. Staff members will now be able to clock in and out directly through your EPOS system, and their hours will then be sent straight to your accounting software. That’s yet another headache avoided thanks to AccuPOS EPOS.

Hassle-Free Stock Management

AccuCOUNT is a fantastic product offered by AccuPOS, allowing you to completely streamline your inventory management. You’ll be able to receive deliveries, change prices and make inventory changes with the click of a button on your wireless device, giving you more time to concentrate on other areas of your business. You’ll also benefit from the fantastic analytical features AccuCOUNT offers, which will allow you to know every part of your business, in minute detail. And that’s the key to making decisions that help your business to grow.

Get Away From the Counter

Gone are the days when all of your sales were made from behind the counter. Nowadays, customers want to buy from all over your store, so you’ll need a robust mobile solution to give them what they want. AccuPOS offers the most comprehensive mobile EPOS around, delivered through one simple Android interface. You don’t even have to stay within the confines of your own store either, as our mobile offering can make sales anywhere, from trade shows through to your local market. You won’t lose any of our fantastic functionality either, as mobile transactions will still retain all the same features as standard ones, meaning your accounting is still adjusted, and inventory is instantly kept up to date.

Train Staff in Minutes, Not Weeks

Our software is designed to be as easy as possible, meaning that transactions are fast enough to keep your customers happy, and easy enough for your staff to pick up in minutes. Even new members of staff will be up-and-running in no time at all, as it really is that simple to get to grips with our software. Never again will your sales suffer when you have new staff members operating your cash registers. That’s the kind of simplicity that benefits everyone, as well as your bottom line.

The Flexibility You Need

Don’t limit the ways in which you can take payments when you use AccuPOS Electronic Point of Sale. This is because our system will process a huge amount of different payment methods, including gift cards and loyalty programs, so you’ll never have to turn a customer away. This flexibility doesn’t just ensure customers can pay how they want though – it also means that they’ll return again and again, impressed by your fantastic customer service. Flexibility comes in other forms as well, as our hardware is designed to fit around you, and not the other way around, plus our software can be accessed from absolutely anywhere, meaning you never feel cut off from your business. AccuPOS really does ensure that you’ll find the perfect EPOS system for your business.

Unlimited Support, 24/7

At AccuPOS, we know that you might need support at any time, day or night. That’s why we never stop supporting you, ensuring that you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Hardware issues minutes before the start of your big sale? We’ve got you covered. Questions about how to train your new staff member? We’ve got the answers you need. What’s more, we’ll ensure that you always have the correct hardware and software for you, giving you exactly what you need as your business grows and grows. This means that you’ll never have to go through the stressful process of changing your EPOS system again. We know that customer service is important to you, which is why we try so hard to make ours the best in the business.

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