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An Interactive Experience for Your Customers

Enhance the way in which your customers shop, by installing our innovative and interactive customer-facing display units in your business. It allows your customers to see exact transaction details as they are scanned, instead of simply seeing the single line information usually associated with tills. There’s no doubting that these fantastic units will quickly become a focal point of your state-of-the-art AccuPOS EPOS system…

If you want to increase the convenience and flexibility of your till area, adding this fantastic innovation from AccuPOS should certainly be your next move.


This device allows customers to see their transactions in a easy-to-read format, therefore making their shopping experience a much more pleasurable one. The fact that it is interactive means that they can use the touchscreen to scroll through their purchases, easily identify how much is due, and even select from different receipt options. It also has the option to add tips, as well as to sign for purchases simply using their fingertips. Your marketing will also be vastly improved, as it is a hugely effective system for collecting email addresses for customers.

More features are also being added on a regular basis!


Customers aren’t always too careful, which is why AccuPOS Customer Display Units are designed to be incredibly durable and are able to withstand even the roughest use. They include an integrated card reader for ‘self-swipe’, a standard VESA mount and mounting holes in the base for securing it to a surface. You can decide whether you want the card reader at the bottom or the top, and the unit has an Ethernet port, allowing for the fastest possible connection to your AccuPOS terminal.

Price: $565

 Android Customer Display Slideshow:

We’re always innovating…

When you purchase your AccuPOS Customer Display Units, you can be sure that extra features will be added constantly – extra features that will add more and more ways to engage with your customers. We are currently working on adding video advertisements to units, as well as many other things. What’s more, all of these new features will be provided to you for absolutely no extra charge.

Why not take a look through our slideshow to find out more about the features currently found on the AccuPOS Customer Display Module? Alternatively, contact us today via our Contact Form, or call us on 44-20-797-97727. Our team will then be able to take you through all the ways our Customer Display Module can impact on your business. 

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