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Welcome to the AccuPOS counter service product presentation.

To access the point of sale either enter your user password, or swipe your login card.  Depending on the user rights, certain functions may require a manager’s approval.

Once logged in, applying items to a transaction is easy. The two top rows represent your menu pages.Touching each page will make its corresponding menu items available.

Once you identify the item that is being ordered, simply touch it, and it will be added to the transaction.

Since AccuPOS continually shows a running balance, collecting payment requires minimal keystrokes.

For cash payments, simply touch “Take Cash” and enter the payment amount.  The customer receipt prints… and an order ticket is printed to your kichen. The change will be displayed and you’re ready for the next transaction.

For credit card payments simply swipe the customer’s card and select “process” to finalize the transaction.

If your establishment is handing out ‘call numbers’, AccuPOS can be setup to require a call number at the end of every order.

When sending orders to kitchens or other prep areas, you may want to include special instructions or have your customers choose from a set list of available item choices.  When ordering an item with choices, a pop up screen will display all known, available choices for that item.  If a customer’s request is not on the set list of keys, free text is always available.  You will decide which items require automatic pop up choices and which do not, as well as the available choices for each item.

Making changes after an item has been ordered is simple.  Just highlight the item you want to change and the “Edit” screen will appear, allowing you to add more choices, change the item’s price, change quantity, void or comp.  You may also remove incorrect choices by simply touching the “X”.

To save an order in progress at any time, touch the “Save & Send” button and give the transaction a name. The name you use will appear on a thumbnail when viewing saved orders for easy loading and order additions, or order completion.

Tips can be added to credit card payments at any time before your shift has ended.  Find the authorized transaction, enter the tip amount and touch “Process Tip”.

At the end of every shift a “Z end-of-shift report” can be generated by touching “Z Reset” in the shift tab. This function will reset the funds in the cash drawer to the starting amount and make the register available for the next cashier in seconds.

There are many more features and functions in the award-winning AccuPOS software.  Be sure to view the video marked “Full Service Restaurant” if you plan to use waiters and waitresses, and call our team of Product Specialists at 1-800-906-5010 if you have any unique needs you would like to qualify before purchasing.

Thank you, we look forward to working with you soon.

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    DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

    Tipton, PA

    Adding AccuPOS to our Sage 100 ERP application has been a big success. We are working with relevant, current data. We now have access to data that we could not even begin to collect and analyze before.

    Doug Sleeter, The Sleeter Group

    Accounting Solutions Experts
    AccuPOS is awesome because it fills a niche that many QuickBooks users in the retail and hospitality industries need: overall design, outstanding features and conformance with appropriate accounting standards.

    Ken Silberstein

    Quickbooks, Professional Advisor

    Fantastic! I have been  been utilizing AccuPOS Point of Sale for several years now to accommodate Point of Sale needs that integrate quickly and easily with QuickBooks for Windows. As our needs have grown, AccuPOS has grown with us!