Improve Your Bottom Line with Customized Gift Cards

Gift cards make the perfect present for a loved one, and with our EPOS software, you’ll be able to provide them to all your customers. Embedded with your own logo, they’ll enhance your marketing massively, and will help you win many new customers. It’s just another reason why so many people choose AccuPOS every day.

A few ways gift cards can benefit your business…

Boost Revenue Gift cards are becoming more and more popular, with many purchasing them as an “impulse buy” – meaning that they’re a great way to boost your revenue.

Greater Customer Loyalty It has been proved that the majority of those spending gift cards will make purchases higher than the face value. If they don’t, they’ll soon return to spend their remaining balance.

Increase Foot Fall Offering gift cards is a fantastic way to boost the number of people entering your store, which can only be a good thing for your reputation, as well as your bottom line.

More Repeat Business Gift cards will give you a new way to serve your customers, which will increase their loyalty to your brand and business.

Increase Cash Flow Instead of giving refunds in cash, you’ll be able to issue them in the form of gift cards. This means customers won’t be able to go elsewhere, and they also won’t require a receipt to make a return.

More Secure Than Gift Certificates Gift cards have balances that decline as the money is spent. This balance is automatically tracked, making for the easiest and safest transaction process possible. There’s another security benefit as well, as it is almost impossible to forge a gift card. Therefore, you are able to accept them with confidence.

Save Time Processing a gift card can take as little as two seconds. This means you can keep your checkout moving, serving the maximum number of customers and keeping your standards of customer service high.

Enhanced Image Offering gift cards will elevate the status of your company instantly. All your customers will see your business for what it is: professional and able to offer the height of customer service.

Let AccuPOS start making you money today!