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Stay EMV compliant with AccuPOS

With our hardware, you can be sure that your business will be compliant and secure, both now and in the future. Our fantastic EMV solutions allow you to seamlessly integrate merchant services with your AccuPOS Electronic Point of Sale system.

AccuPOS: Consistently providing great EMV support

EMV has been used throughout the world for many years, and throughout this time AccuPOS has been at the forefront, providing solutions for all of our clients. This is certainly true for clients in the UK, of which we have very many.

Simple implementation of new hardware and software

We know EMV like the back of our hands, so we can provide the tools you need to move your business forward. Let us worry about the technology, so you can focus solely on your business.

EMV that works alongside your AccuPOS Electronic Point of Sale

Our EPOS system is rated as the best by many influential sites, and its ability to give you a fantastic EMV solution is one of the main reasons for this. Your EPOS system simply wouldn’t be complete without it.

Protect both your business and your customers

EMV offers the absolute height of security, and can’t be surpassed by any other technology. Therefore AccuPOS has embraced it, and ensured that both you and your customers are kept safe at all times.

Get every penny you’re owed

Fraud can be incredibly damaging to a business, as many of you will already know. With AccuPOS EMV solutions though, you’ll keep every single penny you earn, meaning you’re never out of pocket.

Keep your customers coming back

If there’s one thing customers value above all else, it’s the ability to trust you completely. By using the safest equipment, which complies with EMV standards, they’ll know that you’re serious about protecting them, and they’ll return again and again.

We have over 10,000 customers, meaning you get the best rates around

We are a true EPOS software developer, and not simply a so-called EPOS solution owned and operated by one of the many credit card companies. Thanks to our huge customer base, as well as our years of experience within the industry, we are able to negotiate the very best processing rates possible, ensuring you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Pay in a way that suits you

We have a number of different payment options, including the ability to pay monthly, so you can find one to suit your own personal preferences.

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