Customer Rewards – A Win-Win Situation

An EPOS System That Rewards Your Customers

Returning customers – they’re the lifeblood of any successful business. With our loyalty program feature, you can encourage them to return again and again, encouraged by the rewards they receive. You still retain full control though, with the ability to make critical decisions on your loyalty scheme. Why not make one-off customers into patrons for life with AccuPOS?

Essentially, loyalty points are rewards for a customer every time they make a purchase. For example, you could reward loyal customers with a free cup of coffee when they’ve made ten purchases at your store. You don’t have to set an arbitrary number of visits though, as instead you could reward customers when they’ve spent a specific amount.

The result is simple: everybody wins. You get the extra income that comes with returning customers, and your customers are able to claim some great freebies. Doesn’t implementing a loyalty system make complete sense for your business?

To help with your marketing, you can also name your loyalty scheme however you want. You don’t even have to have just one, as AccuPOS EPOS is able to support an unlimited amount, which you can start and end whenever you want. Loyalty rewards are extremely flexible and can be set for:

  • Specific times or longer spans
  • Any start / end dates
  • All days of the week, or just specific ones
  • Any start / end time
  • The amount a customer spends, or the number of purchases they make

To further increase the effectiveness of your loyalty program, you’ll be able to use our great accounting integration, which will allow you to identify the times and dates that have the most need for a boost. You can also analyse specific items, creating loyalty schemes specifically based on them.

The end result is a loyalty program that works for your business – and you’ll be able to find every single detail about it, stored safely in your AccuPOS EPOS database.

Let AccuPOS start making you money today!