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AccuPOS Review – Goodwill


My name is William Tennis, I’m the Director of Wabash Valley Goodwill Industries, and we’ve used AccuPOS retail software since July 2003. We operate five retail outlets with single lanes and one retail outlet with four checkout lanes, and that’s where we’re filming right now.

The ease of the product is very easy for our operators to handle, and we track all of our customers here at Goodwill Industries with a Frequent Shopper card, that our cashier can take that Frequent Shopper card and scan that card into the AccuPOS product and we immediately know the customer that we are doing the transaction with.

We operate a Customer Convenience Reward program. When a customer comes to our store we can scan that card into our system. We also sell gift cards, which our cashier is demonstrating right now, and it’s very easy to activate that card and place value on it. We have our Goodwill log on those cards as a reminder that we operate a Goodwill store and have those customers come back in and utilize our retail network.

After the transaction is completed we use the PC Charge interface for credit card processing. It’s a very simple process- we swipe the card through a terminal, and within just a few seconds that transaction is completed and the receipt printer prints out a receipt for the customer to sign, and another receipt for our records.

The other thing the system is doing is allow our customers to bring merchandise that’s been barcoded that we can scan into the point of sale system. Also, on merchandise that we do not have barcoded, we’re able to create payment buttons or item buttons on the AccuPOS main screens, and to ring up that merchandise with the touch of a button on a screen.

One of the things that caught my interest early on was AccuPOS’ ability to take retail sales information from all six of our different locations, and each evening bring those sales files over the internet to our office, and using their AccuLINK adapter, it would take that sales information and import that into our QuickBooks Product, giving us line item detail of every transaction we made in each store during that particular day.

AccuPOS is very versatile in its ability to summarize, or give you as much detail as you would choose to look at after it brings the point of sale information into the back office QuickBooks.

And that quickly, we’re able to track a frequent shopper in our store through the frequent shopper program, sell gift cards, scan items into the AccuPOS system, also make a credit card transaction and move on to the next customer.

Written by: William Tennis, Director of Wabash Valley Goodwill Industries
Product: AccuPOS POS System
Date published: 11/10/2008
Rating: 5 / 5 stars

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    DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

    Tipton, PA

    Adding AccuPOS to our Sage 100 ERP application has been a big success. We are working with relevant, current data. We now have access to data that we could not even begin to collect and analyze before.

    Doug Sleeter, The Sleeter Group

    Accounting Solutions Experts
    AccuPOS is awesome because it fills a niche that many QuickBooks users in the retail and hospitality industries need: overall design, outstanding features and conformance with appropriate accounting standards.

    Ken Silberstein

    Quickbooks, Professional Advisor

    Fantastic! I have been  been utilizing AccuPOS Point of Sale for several years now to accommodate Point of Sale needs that integrate quickly and easily with QuickBooks for Windows. As our needs have grown, AccuPOS has grown with us!